Controlled Randomized trials – integrated into CRFweb



CRFweb offers simple, block and stratified randomization. The randomization module allows clients to randomize subjects in two ways.

Option 1 allows for randomization of a group of subjects in circumstances where all subjects are known. This allows for sampling and pre-identified allocation of subjects if required.

Option 2, more typically used in the clinical trial environment is to randomize ‘on the fly’. Allowing treatment groups to be randomly assigned to a subject by the investigator in real time.

The administrator/data manager sets the block/stratification criteria. There are options to have multiple doses/treatments along with placebo for control… or, for medical device trials, sham-controlled trials.

Criteria can be set to be completely random or balanced and proportions can be evenly distributed or user selected as required. Randomization numbers can be auto-generated, user selected or imported.