crfweb for pharma

Competitively priced, fully featured, EDC for pharma trials

CRFweb for Pharmaceutical clinical trials

CRFweb for Pharmaceutical clinical trials

CRFweb for Pharma

CRFWeb is the ideal EDC application to design, capture, manage and report on your Pharmaceutical clinical trials. Built from the ground up with simplicity, usability, security and compliance in mind, CRFweb’s has matured into a multi-faceted solution for your pharmaceutical EDC requirements. CRFweb has all the core features you would require: formulas, edit checks, logs, queries, validation, comprehensive reporting suite and more. It also offers randomizationMedDRA dictionary coding, ePRO, eDIARY and eTMF functionality – all of which are integrated in one database.

CRFweb is tried, tested and proven in the marketplace and is available at a fraction of the cost of the industry bigger names. Learn more about how the CRFweb EDC process Can help you manage your pharmaceutical clinical trials.

There are no hidden costs or added extras. The clinical trial system is DIY only if you want it to be. Some of our clients design the studies themselves and some let us do it for them. Either way we believe in a partnership approach to the study process and our customer support is always there to help you produce the study required to optimize your Pharma clinical trial. Call or arrange a web demo today.


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