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Working with Academic Institutions

Working with Academic Institutions


Many Universities and academic colleges across the globe are still working with paper-based trials and much of this is down to available budget and resource.
CRFweb is the ideal platform for educational institutions because it is simple and flexible to set up, and sensibly priced.

Attaining Funding

It’s common practice to require grant/funding applications in place in order to fund a study and we are happy to provide a proposal with FAQs including our regulatory/compliance standing in order to help you secure your funding.

Delivering on your study

CRFweb has been developed to deliver the core functionality you will need at a fraction of the cost of the big names in the industry. There are no compromises on quality or features. We cater to multiple sites, multiple languages, and our integrated ePRO functionality allows data entry via mobile devices if required.

CRFweb offer eCRF, ePRO, eDiary, eTMF, MedDRA coding, double data entry, randomization.

Next Steps

CRFweb is a proven product currently being used by Universities across Europe including the world-renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

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