Compliance and edc systems in clinical trials

One of the first questions we get asked as an eClinical systems provider is ‘Is your system FDA compliant?’. The short answer is yes. Our system was built from scratch using the CDISC ODM model in order to facilitate a structure that allows studies to be designed with a full audit trail to meet the requirements that FDA21 part 11 requires. You can read a little more about that here. We also produce and follow a number of clearly identified policies and procedures as part of the compliance procedures. The system also meets GCP (Good Clinical Practice) guidelines.

What isn’t always understood is that compliance from the system provider’s perspective is self certifying. I.e. the FDA does not issue certificates of compliance. So, how does the provider demonstrate or prove compliance? There is only one practical way to do this, and that is to use an independent, specialist auditor. So that’s what we do with CRFweb – and our audit is available for you to see on request.

Ultimately of course, a compliant system does automatically equate to a compliant trial. Responsibility for compliance will always remain the responsibility of the person with overall responsibility for data management. The study database is the secure vault built on the foundations of compliant methodology, study design, subject selection and data collection.

CRFweb is a whole lot more than ticking a compliance box; the time and cost savings from using our eCRF and ePRO functionality are, we believe, readily apparent. But knowing that this fundamental part of the whole trial process is built, designed, delivered and hosted to the standards required offers more than just peace of mind, it’s critical to the compliance of the whole study.