Sponsor Services

Sponsor Services

The Research Community

Our research community is an initiative to create a trial community to the advantage of all parties. We have access to an ever growing network of investigator sites across Europe. This enables CROs and sponsors to have access to a network of sites to help deliver on their trials AND of course the sites are fully trained up on our CRFweb EDC platform, eradicating concerns regarding eCRF data capture and query management issues. We’re the one-stop shop for clinical trials.

Benefits for Sponsors

In addition to the benefits of CRFweb as a leading, cost-efficient EDC solution, access to our Investigator’s Network can bring you advantages in trial guidance, patient recruitment and data execution:

• Access to CROs – we can put you in touch with allied CROs and CRAs – to help guide you through the trial process.
• Access to experienced Investigator sites, who would be happy to conduct your trial.
• Access to subjects – patients, who would be happy to participate in your trial… helping you find and sign-up patients and gain their ongoing commitment.
• Access to Data Managers who would be happy to assist you entering your data, mail us your encrypted visit files and they will happily transfer it into your ecrf.
• Our Unique alliance of scientists, (including Inhouse MD PhD, endocrinologist, Henk Mulder) clinicians and supportive parties across the primary care, research sites, hospitals, CRAs and CROs .

Medical equipment on table. Blue stethoscope and tablet on white background.

Paper, spreadsheets and eCRF

If you have current data in paper or spreadsheet format, we can develop an eCRF from that and import spreadsheet files as appropriate. If you are considering using spreadsheets as an alternative to an eCRF however, we strongly recommend you take advice first. An eCRF designed correctly on an EDC database like CRFweb, with the requirements of Medical Device investigations in mind, will provide a full electronic audit trail and a host of additional features to make your study manageable and reportable. Can you risk your regulatory body turning down your application?
A fast to set-up but fully functioning, flexible, reliable and cost-effective system to manage medical device clinical trials is no longer a nice to have. Its a critical element to get your product to market. And a critical element to keep your product compliant post-market.

Meeting the specific demands of Medical Device Clients

CRFweb is being used by numerous medical device clients in a number of countries. We understand the needs of medical device investigations. We have a template library of relevant medical device adverse event/effect logs – AE, SAE, ADE, SADE, USADE. We can perform sham-controlled randomized trials with our randomization module. We have eDiary and ePRO for patient led data collection and MedDRA coding to tie in to standardised definitions if required. Learn more about our key products and features here: