Investigators Network

Investigators Network

Benefits for Site Networks

  • New leads from CRFweb
  • Compelling EDC proposition to offer sponsors/ CROs
  • Site/investigator efficiency gains from consistency of EDC provision

Benefits for Individual Clinics/Investigators

  • New leads from CRFweb
  • Efficiency improvements… simple data entry and query management in CRFweb
  • Training in CRFweb…  time efficiency and consistency of delivery

Benefits for Sponsors and CROs

  • Access to a wide research network of sites/investigators
  • Reduced operational risk – ‘all in one’ trained network + EDC
  • Market-proven, competitively priced EDC

About The Research Community

The team at Clindox have developed a growing network of Investigator sites. We aim to be at the heart of the whole research process. This is a great opportunity to bring the key participants in the research process together for mutual gain and provide a one-stop shop for the clinical trial community.

The Site Network Program

The idea is a simple one. As the developers of CRFweb we form a critical part of the research process, but just a part. Our clients are sponsors and CROs and they need access to sites and investigators for their trials. We are able to offer them access to a growing network of sites across Europe and India offering research capabilities in a range of locations, languages and price points.

The sites we promote are trained in the use of CRFweb. Consequently we can offer our customers a ready made solution by providing their researchers and the EDC database… helping to save time and reduce risk in the clinical trial process.

The benefit is mutual. CRFweb is a market-proven and very cost-effective solution for clinical trials. Being able to offer this solution to sponsors and CROs is a compelling business argument for research centres to help convert their own enquiries.

Sign up and Costs

If you’re looking for a catch, there isn’t one. The benefit is mutual. There is no cost to being involved in the network. The more sites we have on board, the more appealing the proposition to all parties and the greater the win win for all involved. Clindox will promote the network to our prospects and customers and all we ask is that our network returns the favour. There is no cost to being involved, nothing to lose and much to gain.

What Next?

If you are a research centre or a site network and would like to find out more or join our network community program, just hit the button below and fill out the enquiry form. One of our team will be in touch.

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Paper, spreadsheets and eCRF

If you have current data in paper or spreadsheet format, we can develop an eCRF from that and import spreadsheet files as appropriate. If you are considering using spreadsheets as an alternative to an eCRF however, we strongly recommend you take advice first. An eCRF designed correctly on an EDC database like CRFweb, with the requirements of Medical Device investigations in mind, will provide a full electronic audit trail and a host of additional features to make your study manageable and reportable. Can you risk your regulatory body turning down your application?
A fast to set-up but fully functioning, flexible, reliable and cost-effective system to manage medical device clinical trials is no longer a nice to have. Its a critical element to get your product to market. And a critical element to keep your product compliant post-market.

Meeting the specific demands of Medical Device Clients

CRFweb is being used by numerous medical device clients in a number of countries. We understand the needs of medical device investigations. We have a template library of relevant medical device adverse event/effect logs – AE, SAE, ADE, SADE, USADE. We can perform sham-controlled randomized trials with our randomization module. We have eDiary and ePRO for patient led data collection and MedDRA coding to tie in to standardised definitions if required. Learn more about our key products and features here:

Products and Features of CRFweb

The EDC process



CRFweb is an EDC (Electronic Data Capture) application for clinical trials. Core to the proposition is an electronic case report form or eCRF which forms the hub of the application. The key ethos behind CRFweb is integration and consequently all our other functionality integrates with the CRF

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CRFweb now features a fully integrated ePRO (electronic patient reported outcome) interface, where subjects can answer questionnaires without risk of accessing other functionality or data. Site staff can easily initiate a subject session to allow the subject to answer at the clinic (e.g. using a tablet), or the subject can log in from home with a unique username and password. A study can be designed to be entirely ePRO. It’s also possible for a particular visit within a study to be designed as ePRO, giving ultimate flexibility in study design. With data entry by the subject, both ePRO and the complimentary eDiary module, lend themselves especially well to post-market studies. In addition to the obvious time and cost saving benefits, there is also the benefit of increased patient engagement in the whole trial process. Features summary: Multilingual patient questionnaires/surveys Easy switch to subject entry mode Subject login from home Data entry on tablet No risk of subject accessing other functionality or data Scheduling and reminder facility.

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Like all features of CRFweb, the eDiary function is integrated into the application. Working alongside our ePRO functionality, eDiary allows greater interaction with the subject through login via mobile device for daily observations and improving data collection response through reminders and alerts. Core functionality: Prepare a schedule / calendar for data capture and assign subjects intended to be part of the study Login through Android / iOS devices to record daily observations Complex formulas and edit checks to manage the study complexity Notification to investigators/Nurses to visit Subject on any observations during data capture No risk of subject accessing other functionality or data Notification/Alerts to Subject for any data which needs quick action by Subject eg Visit to Doctor, Nurse, etc For a demo please fill in our demo request form or call for further information.

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Dictionary coding is a regulatory necessity for many trials and an advantage for many more. The clear market leader in this area with the broadest recognition is MedDRA (Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities). CRFweb has MedDRA coding integrated into our application and offers the following key functionality:

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CRFweb offers simple, block and stratified randomization. The randomization module allows clients to randomize subjects in two way. Option 1 allows for randomization as a group of subjects in circumstances where all subjects are known. This allows for sampling and control groups according to requirements. Option 2 is to randomize ‘on the fly’. Allowing treatment groups to be randomly assigned to a subject by the investigator in real time.

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CRFweb has integrated electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) functionality. This enables clients to; Manage eTMF documents Group the eTMF documents Upload the documents or images for a particular study Share study protocol document to users of a study Full feature WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor for adding details Access questionnaire and licence requirements and validate the same Please call or fill out our web demo request form to find out more about our integrated eTMF.

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Client Testimonials

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