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Our 48hr Study Setup Guarantee

CRFweb has a market-leading study setup time. A typical CRF can be turned into a fully functioning eCRF on the CRFweb system in less than 48 hours.

Self service or fully catered? As a customer, CRFweb gives you choices. The system is genuinely Do it Yourself so you can choose to set up CRF's on your own, or let us do it for you. Many customers prefer us to do at least the first one, as they find their feet. Others, for time constraints, prefer us to do them all. That choice is yours. Our dedicated customer service team is here to help as much as you need us.

Just as we're happy to set up CRFs for you, we are equally happy to back up our claim of how fast we can do it (there are no short-cuts... we use the same front end setup that you would if you did it yourself). So, if we set-up a CRF for you, you automatically qualify for our money-back guarantee if we don't deliver on time. We will have your eCRF setup within 2 working days of receipt... or you don't pay for it.

There’s no catch, no smallprint. We're proud of our system setup time and of our customer service. We'll do what we say on time or you don't pay.

Just register below with your details and well be in touch within 24 hours to arrange an initial web demonstration. If you like what you see, within 48 hours you could be using your own CRF on our state-of-the-art system.

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CRFweb is a Clindox application

CRFweb is fully compliant with and a Gold Member of the
Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium