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Is it time to replace your paper CRFs?

Independent research has highlighted the savings that can be made by switching from paper CRFs to eCRFs. One piece of research indicated a range of 49-61% savings* for electronic capture over a paper-based study. The results show that most benefit comes from reducing monitoring and data management costs. This isn’t an isolated perspective, these kind of figures are backed up by this study of actual clinical trials, shown here in our Blog. The studies also show that the savings are typically greater in larger trials.

Yet many trials are still paper-based. Why? Typically, there are four main reasons:

Typical problems with changing to eCRFs How CRFweb solves them
1. Perceived cost
Companies with larger trials recognise the savings they can make and historically have been prepared to invest in expensive system for better efficiencies and future cost savings.
Companies with typically smaller trials, however, have struggled to reconcile what is typically a significant upfront investment for potentially smaller savings.

CRFweb makes smaller trials viable. There are no significant infrastructure requirements. Our flexible pricing policy brings fully functioning eCRF systems within practical reach for smaller trials.

2. Study Set-up time
For larger trials, lengthy study set up time might be acceptable.
For smaller trials, it’s harder to justify.
We claim 48 hours to set up a typical CRF, but it’s usually less and with basic training you can do it all yourself.
Find out for yourself with our SETUP GUARANTEE offer.
3. Having to change existing processes to adapt to a new system
Historically, EDC capture systems have often required changing the way you set up your study to fit their requirements.
There is no need to adapt your trial and develop a new way of operating, the system is designed with flexibility at its heart, it will adapt to your requirements. Learn more.
4. Worries about security and compliance
It’s understandable that with confidential information and strict guidelines to adhere to that people like to have physical evidence of paper CRFs and want reassurance that nothing will go wrong.
Having complete confidence in an ecrf supplier’s methodology is paramount.
The system is fully compliant and uses the latest encryption technology. Read more information on security and compliance.

Until recently, those whose studies are typically smaller than average, were probably right to stay with paper, but things have changed.

*Pavlovic et al 2009 “Comparison of paper-based and electronic data collection process in clinical trials: Costs simulation study”

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