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eCRF software system - why CRFweb?

Post-Approval/Post-Marketing Research with CRFweb

CRFweb's core attributes makes it the perfect option for post-approval/post-marketing research. Although capable of handling complex, lengthy trials, CRFweb's super-fast, DIY set-up and simplicity of use, enables it to be put to a variety of uses. It's ideal for putting together studies where turnaround time is of the essence and flexibility is paramount.

Whether your requirement is for post-marketing studies, registries, safety, observational or any other ongoing research for a product or service already in the marketplace, CRFweb can deliver a fast, efficient and bespoke solution. If you have an existing pre-market trial software system, it's unlikely to meet your needs for post-market research. If you're paper-based, post-marketing can be the ideal first step into clinical trial software. Meet your regulatory and/or marketing requirements.. for a much lower outlay than you might imagine.

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CRFweb is a Clindox application

CRFweb is fully compliant with and a Gold Member of the
Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium