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medical device - clinical trial software

CRFweb for medical device clinical trials.

Medical Device Trials are often smaller than their pharma counterparts and the organisations involved are typically newer and faster developing with an inherent technology focus. In such circumstances, a fast to set-up but fully functioning, flexible, reliable and cost-effective system to manage clinical trials is a fundamental business requirement.

However, many Medical Devices Companies still use a paper based system, because they haven’t found a credible solution to their requirements. We believe that solution is now here.

Clinical trials are, historically, expensive and labour-intensive activities. We truly believe CRFweb sets new benchmarks in the field, removing the traditional barriers to entry whilst streamlining costs. If you wish to keep product-to-market lead times as short as possible and keep your trial’s training and labour costs down, CRFweb can make a real difference.

Take a look here for details of our SETUP GUARANTEE and here for some detail on CRFweb’s features.

medical device clinical trial software
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CRFweb is a Clindox application

CRFweb is fully compliant with and a Gold Member of the
Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium