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eCRF software system - integrated ePRO

Fully integrated ePRO module - and the CRFweb App

CRFweb now features a fully integrated ePRO interface, where subjects can answer questionnaires without risk of accessing other functionality or data. Site staff can easily initiate a subject session to allow the subject to answer at the clinic (e.g. using a tablet), or the subject can log in from home with a unique username and password.

In addition to the obvious time and cost saving benefits to this, there is also the benefit of increased patient engagement in the whole trial process.

Features summary:

The CRFweb App

CRFweb now has an app that can be used by investigator or patient. There are some obvious practical benefits to this from both an access and security perspective - enabling data to be input where an internet connection either isn't available or isn't advisable from a security perspective. The collected data is then seamlessly synchronised later when a secure connection is available.

App Features:

  • online and offline capability
  • compatibility: Android - now available on google play - and IOS - now available on iTunes app store
  • configurable for patient or investigator led reporting
  • seamlessly syncs with main study data
  • scheduling of data entry windows and notifications

CRFweb is a Clindox application

CRFweb is fully compliant with and a Gold Member of the
Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium